Asus M70AD Mobo not compatible with GTX 1070

Hi there, first post here.

So, I've historically been a pre-built pcs guy, which means that I'm pretty stupid or ignorant however you want to see it in building pcs.

I have an Asus M70AD pc with an H81/M70AD/DP_MB motherboard (which apparently is a weird piece), with a GT740 GPU.

This GPU has become useless so I decided to get something good, after asking a shop and Asus Spain about my system being compatible with a ROG Strix GTX 1070, and getting two affirmative answers (they just told me you will have to buy a new PSU, since your pc has a 300w one) I ordered the GPU.

It has arrived today and I cannot manage to make the combo work, apparently (I didn't know) my motherboard uses a 8+4 system instead of a 20+4 or 24; the GPU needs another 8 pin cable for its own extra feeding, the PSU has a lot of cables, but the ones that matter here are an 8 pin one (4+4) and another 8 pin one (6+2). I can't make it work with any combination as the PSU doesn't have enough useful cables for my mobo.

The solutions in two different shops have been: sell your computer and build one and look for a ""special 8+4 (+8) PSU"" that can make everything work or change your mobo to something more conventional. I don't even know if that PSU exists, also it has to be 500W or more so...

I'm here stuck with a 3 years old 900euro tower with a 8+4 pin motherboard, a 480euro graphic card and a 44euro MPII 650 PSU (which now I know is shit but I didn't before).

Also the processor is an i7 4790 3.6 Ghz, which I think is relevant if i end up buying a new mobo, but well I really could use some advicing in all this.

I hope the problem is well enough explained, I'm not exactly an expert and also I'm Spanish and we're horrible at speaking English.

Thank you to everyone that reads this mess.
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