Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac Bios and Dos artifacts issue

Hi guys!

I´ve got a problem, here´s my pc specs:
-Amd Ryzen 1700
-Gtx 1060 3gb
-Asrock Mini itx x370
-16gb Gskill tridentz rgb 2400mhz
-SSd crucial 512gb
-Coolermaster masterliquid 240

Lastest bios and lastest graphics card drivers
Everything works fine, on windows i ran a lot of benchmarks (firestrike, unigine heaven, etc) and i didnt saw any glitches or artifacts but when i´m on Dos or the Bios everything goes nuts.

i noticed tho that when i installed a fresh copy of windows started with issues aswell but it fixed itself and everything went back to normal (just in windows).
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  1. It is possible your monitor / tv does not support the lower resolution that the bios / dos may be using.

    What monitor / tv are you using?

    And are you going through vga or a digital video connection?

    On the other hand it does look like the matrix.

    Are you Neo?
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  2. I´m connected via HDMI
    the monitor is a samsung LS24F350FHLXZS

    havent had any troubles with my older build (fx8350/gtx960)

    and yeah, i´m from the matrix hahaha
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  3. Could be some compatibility issue with the vga and the motherboard, try flashing also the latest bios from the VGA.
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  4. No power supply?
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  5. well change the video card !
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