Mobo won't post pulsing clicking/arcing sound

Hey there.
This is my first post here but I found lots of solutions on this forum before to give an other chance for quite a few computers.
Today I'm dealing with a lenovo ideacentre aio 300 23-acl and the motherboard seem to be failing. Everything is disconnected ( the mobo is out of the case) and when I plug the power in it makes a really quiet but audible short buzzing kind of sound every 1.5 seconds or so. It is like a hard starting electric motor but much more quiet and is more like a click than that long buzz.
I used a directional microphone to figure out where it exactly coming from and it is the loudest around an electolytic capacitor but no signs of electrolyte leak.
It was an auction of a non working all in one pc but I usually can fix these much more easier. I don't really have experience with pc motherboards.
Any ideas where should I start?
I'll be out in my electronic supplier today to identify and buy the parts I suspect to be the troube makers.
I will post some photos later.
I hope to get it back to life because it seem to be a pretty decent machine to do my audio recording and amp modelling.
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