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Hello before a few days my uncle call me to check why his computer wasnt working so i visit him and i found that a capasitor from motherboard was missing.The capasitor was inside pc case, the mobo is Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P is there any way to fix it ?

Below is two pictures in order to see them and understand better


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  1. You can try to solder the capacitor back on, I linked a guide below. Does it still work? It might if you haven't tried it. It looks like that cap is for the DRAM power phase. It being removed will likely mean the DRAM will see more ripple in it's power delivery so I would recommend you try to solder the cap back on, but it might work without it.

    EDIT: It looks like the caps pins broke of in the mobo so you will likely need a new capacitor and will have to remove the old pins.
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  2. does this board still under warranty and the capacitor did not blow out without something that had over power it contact gigabyte with a picture and ask . the other point if you gone replace it you need similar one and respect polarity when soldering back .
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