Which motherboard should I get?

So I am not sure whether to get the MSI z270-a pro which is like £95 or the ASUS TUF z270 which is like £110

My PC, which I have not bought yet, is https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/vsQMsJ obviously the motherboard is what I was wondering about but I just have the MSI in there as a place holder atm.
Is there any difference in quality between the two? Is there any point in the extra money for the ASUS?
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  2. Personally would pay the extra money for the asus, had too many issues with MSI these last few years...
    They used to be really good, but now its very inconsistent...
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  3. So the TUF doesnt have a DisplayPort option? Cause that is what I use so I would be forced to go with the MSI over the ASUS.
    DisplayPort is what allows my Monitor to run 144Hz

    Edit: I'm an idiot, you plug it into your graphics card not your motherboard.
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