Ryzen 3 and asrock board cycling

I can't post on my ryzen 3 rig.
The first time I booted up and was able to get into BIOS. I noticed only one of my ram sticks was being recognized so I turned it off and tried switching to the other two channels. Then it just started cycling. All fans on 5-10 seconds, then restarts. I moved the ram back and then it just kept doing it. Now no matter what combination of ram I try. One or two sticks. Every combination on every slot. It just cycles.

I had a horible realization that I left the power brick switch on when I switched the dimms the first time. Is there any way I shorted it? The pc wasn't on but the power supply switch was in the on position. Like I said now it won't post at all.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hoping I didn't fry my board somehow.
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