Hey, I need help with custom cooling

Idk if I should get this kit, reason why I hesitate to buy that is cuz its aluminum. Or I just want to install custom liquid cooling but don't know what parts to buy, if anyone could make a list that would be great.
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  1. Why the hesitancy with respect to "aluminum"?

    My recommendation is that you do some additional research to expand and deepen your understanding.

    Then you will probably be able to develop your own "parts list".

    Submit that list along with your cooling requirements and request help.

    Someone may spot or know about a problem with respect to your choices....
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    Aluminum is not the problem.
    Its mixing metals that is the problem, so if the whole loop (metals the water comes in contact with) is of aluminum there is no problem, but if you add lets say some copper into it... now you will have a problem.

    This you should already know before trying to build a custom water loop.

    My advice is to dont buy anything yet, but sit down and read up on it.

    Learn things like:

    - Mixing metals, corrosion, algea, etc etc
    - Temps, DeltaT and what it means, ambient temps, etc etc
    - How mutch rad space needed and what kind of fans to use + how many fans do you need for a given system.
    - pump flow and pump head pressure
    - What kind of additive you need to add or destilled water, or should you buy pre-mix

    etc etc.. Read and learn and the whole build, use and maintenance part of the custom water loop would be mutch easyer for you.
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  3. Almost all AIO's use aluminium radiators. Aluminium pumps that often have a copper base (doesn't contact liquid) etc. Aluminium isn't an issue unless mixed with some other metals, additives, liquids. EK won't put together a kit like the A240 and sell it publicly if there was any issue. But whatever liquid they do supply you with, I'd stick to it, not get fancy offbrands etc as those can affect aluminium and/or change performance due to viscosity changes.
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