Asus Z270-A not detecting GTX 1080

So my friend has just got a GTX 1080. Plugged it into his Asus Z270-A, installed drivers and started playing GTA-V. Slowly (not in game) there was artifacting and lines deeveloping across the screen. All of a sudden the PC blue screened and he restarted. Upon restart there was no signal coming up on the screen, MSI logo on the GPU will flash, and then no signal is given. After a minute of nothing, the MSI logo along with the keyboard lit up. Whilst using integrated graphics he uninstalled both the Nvidia and intel integrated graphics drivers. PC still boots with integrated graphics, and not on the GPU.

We went into the BIOS, and under the advanced options, looked to set the primary graphics adaptor to the PCI slot. After looking at the options, the prompt at the bottom of the screen said (paraphrasing) 'Please select either PCI, integrated, or (something else) as your primary adapter'.

Under the drop down menu, there was no option for PCI, only the other two. The GPU isn't displaying in windows either.

Any help would be useful, we've both been trawling the internet for hours with no avail.
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  1. What is the full system? include make and model of the psu
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  2. I5 7600K
    Asus z270-a
    Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 16GB
    Corsair CX750 psu

    We checked the system on some online power checker and it said that there should be enough wattage to run
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