asus z170 pro gaming aura wont boot up unless i change sata ports

like the title says. I get a black screen with a nonblinking underscore on the top left corner of the screen when i turn on the system but if i plug the sata cable of my secondary hdd into a different port of all 6, the system boots up windows 10 normally. I tried updating the bios, reinstalling windows, uninstalling the sata drivers and set the disk storage to AHCI but still get the same black screen. The only solution i have found is plugging the sata cable into another port and then the system will boot otherwise i get the infinite black screen and no boot cant even get to the bios. I think the problem is the motherboard but im not sure. I dont want to buy another one if i can fix this one. help please!
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  1. Please add which exact sata port causes this as sometimes they are disabled due to another device being installed. Thank you.
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  2. All 6 ports give me the same problem. The system wont boot but if i change the sata cable into any of the 6 ports then the system will boot up. But when it boots up if i restart i get the black screen again so i have to do the same process, change the sata cable into another random port of all 6 ports. I also have an m.2 installed, however i dont think this is the problem because i removed it and still got the black screen.
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  3. Wow, that is strange. TY for clarifying.
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