PSU don't have 8 pin (12V) to plug into my motherboard. What to do?

Hello, as the title says I'm having issue with my PSU, I have a GA-Z87-DH3 motheboard . The CPU power connector of the motheboard needs 8 pin to power suply my CPU, but my PSU only has 4 pin. If I connect only 4 pin and leave the others 4 empty, my motherboard will blow up (get damaged)? Its was a expansive motherboard, I don't wanna connect without being sure.

I'm sorry for my bad english, hope you guys understand what i mean.
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  1. It will not "blow up" just may not work like that. You could eventually use a 4 pin to 8 pin or 2 x Molex/SATA to 8 pin adapter but that's obviously some older or cheap PSU I wouldn't trust expensive components to it.
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