Can I do BIOS via USB with ASUS Maximus VIII Formula

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask you guys if it’s possible to update BIOS for my Intel 7700K ? Because Mobo is Z170 but I found it for very cheap price. I found that there’s a possibility to update with USB without needing a Skylake CPU. Please help ASAP guys, otherwise I’ll miss this sale. Thanks...
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  1. Looks to support BIOS flashback, yes.

    Means no CPU or RAM required (just power and a USB).. It's rare to see it, but looks like that board supports it.
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  2. Are there’s gonna be any issues with OC ? Btw I’ll be using NZXT Kraken X62 AIO. Are there’s gonna be big difference with Z270 or not ?
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    Realistically, I believe the only (real) differences between Z170 and Z270 are Octane support and some extra PCIe lanes (+4 I believe).

    As for your OC, on two identical boards (just differing chipsets), your OC isn't going to change between 170 and 270.
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