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Hi, My mobo is ASUS - mn268 am se2,
AMD phenom ii x4 955 processor and 350 watt power supply,
does my Mobo support GT 1030 or R7 250 graphic card.?
i think the Mobo has pci-e 2.0 slot whereas these cards has support for pci-e 3.0, does this make difference? i don't have much idea about it.
kindly inform me as i am planning to buy it soon.
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  1. PCI-Express slots are backwards compatible, which means you can put a PCIe 3.0 GPU into a PCIe 2.0 or even 1.0 slot with minimal performance loss (no more than a few %%).

    And yes, that motherboard has PCI-e X16 slot, so you're good to go
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  2. Thanks a lot for your suggestion, and regarding me CPU to GPU ratio, would be any bottle-necking exists.?
    and also if you have any better suggestion in this price range kindly tell me that too.
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  3. YOur good m8 i would try to get a better psu 450 watt 600 is the best
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  4. I am not in a situation to change the PSU now, and also i dont have any extra peripherals attached to my computer, just the basic stuff is there such as processor, 4 gb ram, 160 gb hdd (planning to buy ADATA 120 gb ssd along with gt 1030).
    are you sure that the PSU will not work? or it will handle it for now until i plan for the next upgrade.??
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    a GT 1030 requires at least 300w PSU to work normally, so you're still good to go. (

    This will be a low-end gaming machine, although i would get a GTX1050 in your place, so when you upgrade other components, you dont have to swap the GPU again, but that's just me. Also, i've heard the GT1030 has a low price to performance ratio, so depending on the games you're expecting to play, i would take a look at a GTX1050 also.
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