Can a motherboard limit number of monitors supported by GPU?

I have the ASUS Prime Z270-a and the EVGA 980. With my old mobo and GPU, I had a 4 monitor setup. Since my upgrade, I cannot seem to get the 4th monitor to work. On the mobo page, it says it supports up to 3 monitors. Does that mean it has a bottleneck on my GPU and limiting me to 3? I feel stupid for asking but I have no idea why my other monitor isn't working. I know it isn't voltage from my PSU. If it helps, here's my build:
EDIT: All ports on the GPU work, just whenever I add a 4th input it doesn't send a signal.
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  1. No, a motherboard cannot limit the number oif monitors supported by the GPU. When you read that it supports three monitors, it means that through the GPU integrated in your CPU you can use three monitors. But you are using your discrete GPU, the GTX 980, which supports 4 monitors.

    You say you previously had a 4 monitor setup, was it with a different card than this 980?

    You need to rule out a bad monitor, and a bad cable (even if it used to work, things break). Have you tested all cables and monitors?

    If all that works fine, it's probably a software problem. Do you use the Nvidia Control Panel? In the "Screens" (or monitors, mine is not in English) section, there's a "Setup multiple monitors" (or screens), how many are listed there?
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  2. The gtx980 will support up to 4 monitors, and you don't list your GPU model, so I maybe wrong. But if you use 4K then you can only use 3 x 4K monitors. So how many 4K monitors do you use? Also do you use any adapter with the 4th monitor?
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  3. cin19 said:
    But if you use 4K then you can only use 3 x 4K monitors.

    I see here ( that it says that the 980 supports four 4K monitors ("...NVIDIA can make better use of their 4 display controllers, allowing them to drive up to 4 such [4K] displays off of a Maxwell 2 GPU..."). The 3 DPs can do 4K, and the HDMI port is 2.0, so it should also do 4K @ 60 Hz
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  4. On your old setup, how were your displays attached? Any to the motherboard? It's possible that with the new motherboard, using both the discrete graphics as well as the on-board graphics was possible with your old set up, but not possible (or not configured) with your new setup.

    -Wolf sends
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