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I am building my first gaming pc and i am trying to get my head around the term SLI and crossfire. I read a few sites about them and still dont fully understand. I plan on buying a msi B250 M3 mobo with i5 7500. The B250 M3 can only crossfire and not SLI compatible. What I want to know is does crossfire work with intel CPU?
Which is better SLI or crossfire?
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  1. SLI is for joining NVIDA GPUs. Crossfire is for joining AMD GPUs. Neither one cares what the CPU is. The specific motherboard must state they support either one for it to work.

    Both do the same thing for their brand of GPU.

    SLI/Crossfire is dying and is supported by fewer and fewer games every year. It's better to buy the single strongest GPU card you can afford than two weaker cards that you SLI/CrossFire together.
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  2. Yes crossfire will work with an Intel CPU. My advice is not to do either, SLI or Crossfire. I run SLI because I am a junky and like to tinker. Sometimes it does not work, sometimes running SLI will hurt your performance.

    I suggest reading this guide about SLI. It will teach you a lot about it and it will give you an factual description. You best option is to get the best single card in your budget.
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  3. A single card is better. Most games do not support or scale well with sli/crossfire. Some games will even give you lower FPS with 2 cards than with a single card.
    Also that CPU will not be fast enough to not bottleneck 2 cards in games that support it, so if you insist on 2 cards you should go at least I5-7600K with a Z270 mobo that supports both SLI and crossfire.
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