Is this build compatible, and are there any possible problems?

So, I'm deciding on a certain build and wanted to ask if the parts are fully compatible, especially worried about the PSU. Here's what I wanted to put together:

Athlon X4 860k
2x4GB DDR3 Kingston
Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W
Asus A68HM-Plus

If there are any compatibility worries at all, please do tell me, also is this PSU worth buying?
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  2. Just to be "that guy",but is this alot cheaper than building with an Intel Pentium G4560?
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  3. OP asked for that system but yes it could be cheaper and better with that Intel. There are also new R3 Ryzen builds to consider.
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  4. @CountMike and @Vic 40, the G4560 is rising in price atm and I'd need to buy ddr4 ram, but since I already have DDR3 I'd prefer using that. Thanks for the answers.
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