Safe voltage, temperatures and BIOS options for Ryzen 7.

Hello !

I overclocked my Ryzen 7 1700 (+Wraith Spire) to 3,6Ghz with 1,18125V. Maximum temperatures which I can get are 68.5C-72.25C after 1 hour in Prime95 Blend test. Are these temperatures/voltages safe for 24/7 use ? Can they damage my CPU or shorten CPU lifetime ?
Also I left the LLC on AUTO setting, is it safe ? Or should I use Level 3 or something ?
PC is stable with these settings.

Moterboard: X370 PRIME PRO
PSU: GQ 650W
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    Temps and voltage are fine. If everything is stable, no worries. Generally 80C long term for CPUs is about the max you would want to be. All modern CPUs will throttle if things get to hot. Voltage looks great. 1.35v is generally the highest recommended for long term CPU health, though nobody can say 100%. AMD themselves mention this number though. I'm running my 1700 @ 3.85 using 1.38v under load using a DMM. Your LLC should be fine. I'm using my Crosshair VI Hero on AUTO for LLC. It keeps the voltage at about .01v above my 1.37v setting under load.
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