MSI Z270 M7 Fan Headers not working.... Help

I just built my dream PC. Spent 7 hours putting it together yesterday and when I got to the very end of the build and turned everything on, the three fans that came with my case are not being powered by the fan headers on the motherboard. The fans in question are three RGB thermaltake Riing fans that came with my RGB ThermalTake View 31 case.

To narrow it down to the motherboard, I tested a brand new NZXT fan with the standard 4 pin connector to each of the fan headers on my motherboard and it never powered on once.

I am at a loss and so is my buddy who has experience building PC's somewhat. The only thing that isn't hooked up is the 4 Pin CPU power that is next to the 8 PIN CPU power. I was told I didn't need to plug up the 4 PIN and I dont think that would help with the fans anyway. Can anyone help me resolve this? I'd really like to not think my Fan Headers are just dead with everything else working...
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