Motherboard lights turn on, but nothing happens

This is my first build and i'm not sure where i went wrong i followed all the wires made sure everything is plugged in but the system won't turn on. I've tried different Power supplies and even checked if the power button was working properly but i don't know for sure where the problem is. Most likely i plugged in the cords incorrectly but to my knowledge you plug the cords into the spots that fit, unless they are labeled then i find the specific cord, but the only labeled cord is the cpu fan.

Asus z97 Motherboard
EVGA GeForce GTX 960 ( 1080 ti is on its way)
Antec NSK4100 Case
2 ddr3 8 gbs of ram each
3 tb hard drive
disk drive
750 watt Thermal take toughr power supply
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