Asus rog gaming - Prime OR MSI

Asus PRIME Z270-K Intel

I need help to decide what the right MOBO I should buy .

gaming PC :
i7 7700 K
GTX 1080 MSI gaming X
RAM 16gb G.skil or fury

I'm so Confused that PRIME Z270-K support K cpu as well for overclocking
and STRIX Z270H focused on Gaming ...

first I want to know is there Quality deference between Asus prime - ROG SRIX ?

I'm care of gaming performance more than hit high clock speed ,
so I'm I really need to overlock i7 7700K ?? I never used i7 7700K before but its come with 4500Mhz stock speed ! ..

finally another choice - Asus STRIX B250G GAMING Intel - if your experience answer me that I don't need to OC cpu - for gaming @ 1080p 144hz , this Mobo "STRIX B250G " too bad quality ?
I notice the Freq of Ram "maximum 2400" but will this mobo bottleneck 7700K ? if no need to OC 7700K can I go to STRIX B250G ? or very bad idea ?!

Other available MOBO on my local market and under budget allowed , as below :

1-MSI Z270 GAMING M3 Intel Z270 DDR4


3-MSI Z270 Gaming Plus

4-Asus PRIME H270-PLUS



7- Asus TUF Z270 MARK 1 Intel " this one the highest price "

I'm looking for best gaming performance - and will not use SLI or networking game

advice please
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  1. Go for ASUS ROG STRIX Z270H GAMING if you want RGB and gonna use RGB fans and all fancy stuff and no its not like that it wont use the K CPU its the Z270Chipset you can overclock your CPU too
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  2. Im just looking for performance , will not use RGB fan . Will go with Z270h if qualty more than others ?
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  3. Go for strix then bot has same Z270 Chipset but the strix has more options then the Z270-K and has a way better audio too
    for all difference
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  4. Thank you Very much . I will go with z270h
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  5. last things please , will b250G bottleneck gtx 1080 or i7 7700k ? I'm still thinking if I will use 1gpu and no need for overclocking 7700K why I will pay duple price for option I will not use ?! , I can upgrade another part ...
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