M2n e sli motherboard

I got a m2n e sli in my custom built pc. I had. Friend buid it for me probibly 10 years ago. But still really like it runing Vista. Seems to have few issus tho. When I go to shut it down i get the crash blue screen. Also I can down load stuff like AVG,or abobe flash player. But they will not install also dosent seem like i can get windows to update. I put new ram in it corsair 8 gig and new cpu 2.8 to 3.2 gigahertz. So i was thinking about getting a new mother board. I dont know much about chip set/drivers or bious chip set and stuff. What do you guys think maby try to uo date this stuff before new mother board. I took it to the geek squad and that have no idea thay said they will give me a total refund.
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  1. Better reinstall Windows before you change MB.
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