Sli doesn't seem to be working and I think it's the motherboard

I have the MSI 870A-G54 AMD Motherboard with two 780s and on the box it says SLI ready but SLI doesn't show up in the nvidia control panel for me to enable? help please i'm scared!
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  1. Are you sure it states SLi on the box? According to the specs it's a Crossfire only board.
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  2. Your motherboard does not support SLI, only crossfire According to MSI's webpage. (Only mentions Crossfire). It has two PCIe 16x slots, the lower one only runs at 4x speeds which SLI does not support.

    To run SLI officially (there might be ways around it, never looked into it), you will need to only use one GPU or buy a new Motherboard that supports SLI (In that case I would consider a new platform unless you can get a very good deal on one).
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