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So I'm relativity new to PC building and components, but I just recently upgraded my system and had an extra m5a97 evo2 m52bc motherboard with an fx-8310 in it. I offered to give it to my friend since his cpu is much slower, but when we installed it the computer won't boot.

I'm 90% sure that the motherboard isn't posting, because when I press the power button the LEDs in the fans flash for less than a second (looks like the fans are directly powered by his PSU so I don't think this is very relevant) but I'm getting nothing from any fans connected to the mobo and nothing from the speaker connected either.

I'm thinking it might have ESD damage but I don't have a POST card or anything to really test what the exact problem is, what can I do?
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  1. Can you list all the components? Also you may try those troubleshooting ideas.
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