Ryzen 5 1600 wont overclock

Hello, just set up my new rig. Ryzen 5 1600 stock cooler, 2x4 2133 hyper x ram Asrock AB350 pro MB.
For some reason Im having no success at overclocking. I have only tried OCing to 3.8 at 1.33v both times the PC turns on but only to a black screen. I cant even get back into the bios. I've had to clear the Cmos both times for it to boot. Could it be my slow ram? Before anybody asks why Im OCing well its because I can, well in my case not yet but you understand. Can someone please post some concrete settings? Thanks
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  1. Looks like your RAM Hz is way too low. But that shouldn't impact your CPU OCing. It could be your voltage is too low for 3.8 GHz. Each MB and CPU are different, and you may increase voltage little by little and try again. Some said they need 1.39v for 3.8Ghz

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  2. If you haven't updated the BIOS to something with AGESA, you may want to begin there.

    While many Ryzen chips get to 3.8GHz with little to no effort, some don't. If you still have no luck after updating the BIOS, it could simply be that you lost the silicon lottery.
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