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I already have built my computer with a Strix Z270e Mobo, I was wondering if it's worth upgrading to a Rampage Edition mobo? Or any other recommendations? Or, am I fine with the one I have, just looking for opinions. Thanks. SLI Strix 1080ti OC Editions and i7-7700k @ 4.8ghz.
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  1. First, there is no Rampage for the z270 chipset.
    Second, want you to take a look at this...
    the Strix E compared with two of the most expensive boards, Formula and Extreme(eATX). Under "Expansion Slots", if you check the " Available lanes for all PCI-Express x16 slots" section, they all have 20 lanes respectively and they are all capable of 2way SLI, no more, no less.
    TLDR, there is nothing you can gain by upgrading the board as the Strix E already gives you the most this platform can give. O
    Ofcourse the Formula and Extreme has reinforced Expansion slots, but that adds little value to performance.
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  2. I would stick with what you have. You already have a good motherboard with the standard features. I assume your CPU is overclocking fine. I have a Gigabyte Gaming 7 Z170 with a 7700k and 1080ti in sli and I have no desire to upgrade because there is really nothing to upgrade too.
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