Problem booting into windows after installing new MOBO.

So, my final part arrived for my PC today, being my RAM! I set everything back up, and plugged everything in, and to no surprise, it didn't work. I thought a little troubleshooting is all that was needed, but I honestly can't find anything. For some reason, it fails to boot into windows, and brings me straight back to the 'Launch Startup Repair' option. I'm yet to install my motherboard drivers, but I'm lead to believe I do that AFTER loading into windows.
What can I do?
Thank you
(Edit: My mouse and keyboard no longer function when booted into System Repair)
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  1. Did you just install Windows
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  2. With motherboard swaps you often need to completely reinstall Windows if you haven't done that.
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  3. Oh! I'll give that a go, thank you.
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  4. if the windows was installed while the Hard drive was connected with another motherboard, you will need to reinstall or repair the windows install.
    a motherboard change is a sure road to re-installation. a motherboard is not one device but many connected, too many drivers and registry entries. even if it works for a bit it will fail.
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  5. Oh... Keyboard and mouse STILL don't work even when trying to install windows
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  6. Of course you did.

    You have a completely new set of hardware components on your MoBo. So here's what happens:

    a) Your OS is trying to load drivers for hardware it can't find
    b) Your OS can't find drivers for hardware it does find

    Restart the install process and when it asks whether you want to repair of whatever, just tell it to format the drive. Then ...

    1. Prepare for Windows installation with USB tool or use available media

    2. Connect boot drive data cable to lowest numbered SATA port .... but don't connect:
    -Ethernet cable
    -SATA Data Cable for any other drives

    3. Install Windows to boot drive

    4. Turn off Windows ability to install Hardware drivers

    5. Install all hardware drivers from original media in boxes See Item 7 below

    6. Connect ethernet cable and run Windows Update till it stops doing anything

    7. Install latest drivers for ALL hardware from manufacturers web sites. The reason we didn't do this in step 5 is 3 fold:
    -Sometimes MoBo CD comes with licensed utilities with product key embedded and these are not on web site versions
    -Its advisable to establish a working out of box conditions
    -Sometimes newer drivers require latest Windows Updates

    If you have a 2nd drive ....

    8. Shut down and connect HD data cable to 2nd lowest numbered SATA port.

    9. Boot to BIOS and make sure that SSD is the 1st boot device, if not fix it

    10. Boot to Windows
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  7. a ps2 (round plug) keyboard/mouse must be connected while the computer is off.
    USB devices must be plugged into a black USB port, blue ports are USB 3.0 and require drivers and usually will not function before windows/os is installed
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  8. I don't get it? How can I reformat anything if my peripherals don't work?
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  9. Cause that the way Windows works.

    1. You start the install process from USB or DVD

    2. It detects the Windows install and says "Hey dude (dudette ?) , what you want me to do ?

    a) Repair this whack unworkable Windows install
    b) Wipe the drive and install to an empty drive

    3. Not enough info to address your KB / Mouse issue, but I'm wondering if it might resolve itself if it's not seeing those drivers and trying to replace them

    It it still doesn't work ....

    1. If you have one of these ... everyone should very handy for things like this was well as off site backups

    You simply stick ya HD in it and connect it to any PCs USB port and format the drive.

    2. If ya don't... simply install the drive in another PC, make sure its not the boot drive in BIOS and load windows and format the drive. take it out and reinstall in yours.
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  10. I'm so sorry if I seem a little crabby... I've waited months to be able to get back onto my PC, and to no avail :/ I'll run you through what I'm doing. (Just note, I don't want to format my current drive, as I have so much on it. But I do have another 80GB HDD? If that helps? Not to mention, I have no other PC's)
    1) Booting into the BIOS, in which my mouse and Keyboard work fine
    2) I boot my windows 7 installation disc (I have my hard drive and CD drive plugged into SATA ports)
    3) It takes me to the 'install windows' screen, where my mouse and keyboard no longer work, and I have to use my reset button
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  11. Update, I'm going to update to windows 10 using a trial, and then backdate to windows 7 using my install disc. Would this work?
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