Installed new CPU, Mobo, CPU cooler and RAM but now GPU, onboard audio and USB ports don't work

Hi, I've just replaced my CPU, CPU cooler, motherboard and RAM and I'm having issues with the GPU, USB ports and on board audio. Also it blue screens when shutting down or restarting. Everything is seated properly and I've made all the necessary adjustments in the BIOS (I think) and it refuses to use the GPU, some usb ports and the on board audio. I've tried to install new drivers but the install doesn't complete or doesn't work at all. I've also cleared and updated the BIOS.

CPU i5 7600
Ram 16gb ddr4 2400MT/s
MB MSI z270-a pro
Gpu Radeon rx 580
Psu 700w 80+
128gb ssd
1tb hdd
Gpu cooler Coolermaster hyper 212 LED
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    Hi, Try freshly installing Windows, if you haven't so far.
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