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I need someone's expertise to help me out with the following problem.

I got a game pc to play Rainbow six siege on.
My specs are;
Biostar MoBo
Amd A10 7700K 3.4Ghz cpu
GTX 960 2GB
Antec 500W psu

Now the question is when i play with my GTX 960 2GB all on Mid settings using up 1500mb vram my game wont get above 45-55 FPS no matter where i go or what i do.
My Vsync is off ingame and in the nvidia inspector as well.
I think gtx 960 should give more fps then that right?
Got the latest drivers as well and deleted all old ones.
Can it be my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu?
Should i upgrade to 8core or i5 for better fps?
Pls help.

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    Yes, your CPU is limiting your performance in this case. You can't get much more performance on your current motherboard, so whatever upgrades you are going to do will be expensive. DO NOT "upgrade" to the FX 8 cores, you won't get enough performance to justify the money spent even if it's cheaper than all the other options. Would be better to just keep your current setup. Here are a few options for upgrading I can see.

    1) Keep your current RAM, buy a used Intel CPU and motherboard. Models I'd consider: 2500k, 2600k, 3570k, 3770k, 4670, 4670k, 4590, 4690k, 4770, 4770k, 4790, 4790k. All depends on the price. If you can find a good deal, might be worth it to bite.

    2) Buy new Ryzen mobo/CPU/RAM. Might or might not be more expensive than 1, depends on the used deals you can find, but an R5 1400 with a decent b350 mobo and 1x8GB of RAM wouldn't be too expensive and you could just add another stick of RAM when you need it

    3) Sell your system as a whole and build a new one

    All depends on what your budget is, pretty hard to give any concrete advice without knowing how much money you have to spend. If you're in the US, it wouldn't be worth upgrading if you don't have at least $150 in my opinion.
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  2. Thanks for you answer and help.
    All i needed to know is if my cpu was really holding back my gpu and in this case is probably is like you said.
    Im in europe, the Netherlands tp be exact and money isnt a big problem at least im trying to stay beneath 200-250 euro's but that should be enough for decent upgrade to intel i5 + mobo.
    Small question next is, when upgrading my hardware do i need a clean windows 10 install or can i leave it and just put in the new hardware?
    I hear different stories about this.

    Thanks for your help again!
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  3. Yes you need a clean Windows install whenever you change motherboards. You should be able to disconnect the code from your old system by calling microsoft if you have an OEM copy. If you only have 8GB of RAM or less and money isn't a huge issue, I'd probably just bite the bullet and get either an R5 1400/1600 or i7 7700 with 16GB of RAM. It's better to do it right the first time than sacrifice to save a few bucks. i5 processors aren't really worth buying new at the moment when you can get 8 threads for basically the same price. You might also want to consider waiting for Coffee Lake if you can get by for now, i5s and i7 should be 6C/6T and 6C/12T respectively in a few months.
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