Advice on issue - Not booting.

Hi guys,
I've scoured the forums on my phone and can't seem to find a situation to match mine. I've also read through the not booting checklist to no avail.
Just completed a custom case build with custom cooling loops, and noticed as I tried to boot up for the first time that smoke was appearing from the cmos battery area. After this I can't seem to get any response from my motherboard in terms of trying to boot it up.
All components used in this set up listed below were all taken from my previous set up so I have no reason to suspect any compatibility issues, the only changes made are to the cooling loops and the case it's built into.
Can anyone shed any light on what the problem may be.
I should note that jumping the psu powers both pumps to fill the loops, but also only set one fan into action, so could this be a problem with my phanktek fan controller or how it's set up / plugged in to the mother boards CPU fan socket.
I'm sure I've missed something, so any help and advice is great fully appreciated.
Rig is as listed.
Asus P8Z68-V/Gen 3.
I5 3570K with ek supremecy evo
16gb Hyper X 2400mhz ram
Gigabyte 1080 G1 with matching Ek block
EVGA Supernovae 850 G2
2 HDD, SSD, 2x 240mm radiators, 2 D5 ek pump (CPU on 1 loop, GPu on the other)
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  1. Update...
    From all I can deduce a screw mounting the motherboard tray in place must have been touching some soldering on the flip side of the motherboard, causing an overheat / short.
    I have since adapted the mounting process and the PC is running however the cmos isn't saving settings. Will try replacing the battery tonight.
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