my gigabyte motherboard PCH temp is 51 C when gaming

I have
gigabyte z170 gaming 5 motherboard
i7 6700k cpu

during gaming my motherboard PCH can get up to 51C
is that hight ?a bit high ?
or normal ?
can that temp reduce my motherboard lifespan ?

some people say that PCH must be at 40 c max
is that right ?

my cpu temp can get up to 50 to 61 c max during gaming
in idle
core max on cpu is 29 to 30 c
and motherboard PCH 39.5 to 41 c

I'm just worry about the PCH temp of my motherboard
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    thats is not very high temp its all in the safe range and that all depends on your Ambient Room Temp and How many case fans you have and how much good the airflow is in your case
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