Motherboard power switch dead, boots from Direct Key only

I have a motherboard that does not boot by pressing power switch. I did try shortening the power switch pins on mobo, nothing. Did try another PSU, nothing. Did try disconnecting everything down to bare mobo with ram and CPU+fan. Nothing. Status LED is on, mobo does not boot.

The only way I have found to boot this mobo is to press Direct Key button. It turns on the PC and boots straight to BIOS. From there I can simply discard changes to trigger reset reset and it resets fine and boots to Windows. Reset button/pins work, HDD LED works, speaker works. From the entire front panel only power switch pins seem to not work. And the PC is fine once booted via Direct Key hack.

Another hack I have found is to reconfigure BIOS to boot mobo after power loss. Basically use PSU switch to turn PC on/off. It does work, but is not a good long term fix.

Any idea what could I try next? I drives me crazy and I'm out of ideas how could I fix it, or what else could I test.

The mobo is ASUS Z87 Sabertooth.

Thanks for help!
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    One way would be to configure BIOS to start at certain key press(or combination) if BIOS supports it. Another, riskier way would be to connect a switch from Green to any Black wire on 20/24 pin main connector to MB.
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