Are they worth anything or junk?

I was cleaning up and stuff and I found a box with some old mobos w/ CPU & RAM. I was wondering if they are worth trying to eBay and would it be better to try selling them complete or separate the CPU/RAM, etc? They are out of some OLD compaq Presarios, I believe. One has an 800mHz AMD Duron and the other has an old P3 1.0g. Do people still buy old stuff like this or should I just toss it? Just wondering what you guys think. Thanks.
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  1. if you have a local mb recycler might get few bucks for the gold on the mb. old parts do sell but it might take time. there are people that need old parts for old work programs/hardware.
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  2. You could...Donate them to a PC school for students to experiment with. You could try to sell them like on Craigslist. There are a few of us out there that still play DOS games or run old apps on ancient P3's and PII's that don't want to do a virtual box or emulator. I built a couple of old P3 machines for a guy who wanted to play DOS games in Windows 95 and 98. The old boards were the only ones that would run those OS's and programs well. They would only really be worth anything if they were aftermarket boards that you could swap CPU's out of and had good memory support and expansion slots.
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