FX8350 having some problems with it

hi i have a FX8350 and i have been having some problems with it

the problem is i have been having large FPS drops in CPU heavy game like R6 Siege, and the Division,

i seem to have fix, Siege buy telling 4 of my cores to ignore the game.

but in the Division if i do the some it just seems to prolong the drops.

i have a cooler master hyper 212 EVO and the CPU does not get avg 63c. 65c is the highest i have see in those games

so i don't know if its the temp. but when the fps drops so does the CPU speed from 4.04 to 1.36 for like 3-5 second.

so i don't know what is going on it seems to only be those 2 games having that big CPU drop
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  1. Throttling :D, yeih, get a better cooler. usuarlly fx ( that series) have Throttling at 61ºc
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  2. What's your exact motherboard? If it's a budget AM3+ motherboard, which tend to run 125W CPUs very poorly at load, the VRMs are likely a good deal hotter than that 65 degrees. Dropping down to 1.4 GHz is precisely what you'll see with a throttled FX CPU.
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