Am I Using the GPU when using the display outputs on motherboard?

My laptop has Intel HM87 motherboard that has 3 display ports (1 HDMI, 2 minidisplay). As far as i understand my GPU (970M) does not have any port directly usable. When i connect a monitor to HDMI port i can still run apps (games, video players etc.) by using my GPU by right clicking on the short cut and selecting the "NVIDIA Processor" under the "Run With Graphics Processor" option.

1- Am i really using the GPU since i didnt directly see any connection between HDMI port and GPU or does motherboard deal with that connection and direct it to GPU.
2- How can i understand which display ports are connect to where by looking from OS?
3- Who deals with the graphics when no application is running (I mean desktop)?
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  1. After connecting to display, Got to Display Settings> (Depending on how up to date your pc is [Advacnced Display Settings]> Display Adapter Properties. You can tell if you're running off your GPU or integrated graphics, just find what port is connected to your GPU.
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  2. Maybe all ports are connected to your motherboard and directs it to your GPU but you will have to check for yourself. I am no laptop expert.
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