Will coffee lake Motherboards work with current graphics cards?

Hi there,

I need to spend some vouchers before they expire.

With coffee lake right around the corner i want to ensure any GPU i buy will be compatible with any new Mother Board + CPU I buy...

This might be a real newbie question, as I haven't built a system before: but If i buy a graphics card today, will it 'fit' a motherboard designed for the new intel chips? I'm eyeing up an "ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card"

Many thanks,

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    Yes it will work perfectly fine. You dont need to worry about compatibility, specially with any 1xxx cards. They are all new gen. and made for new gen. hardwares.
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  2. It will work no problem. You could even throw in a 15 year old GPU and it will still work as long as it has PCIe connection.
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