Ryzen 5 1600x (overclocked) vs intel i7-7700k (stock)

Im looking to game and prob do some streaming and multi tasking. Which one doyou recommend. ryzenis much cheaper, d i gain a significant performance bump with intel?
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    You'll get more fps in gaming with the 7700k in the first place.
    With a ryzen 1600 you'll get zero fps drops while gaming & streaming.
    The 7700 is stronger non single core performance , the ryzen is better at multi tasking.

    If you're running a 100htz+ screen the Intel 'could' make sense.
    If youre running a 60-75htz screen the ryzen all the way IMO
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  2. Like Matt said, for streaming and multitasking, Ryzen for sure.
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  3. ^+1 For madmatt30.

    I've got my 1600x at 3.9. Its a dream, plays everything I throw at it smooth as butter. I play BF1/3/4, COD franchise, Grid Auto, Project Cars and a multitude of others. It will drive any high end GPU, and be a great experience. Yes, the 7700k will get more FPS. Can't deny that. For streaming and multitasking, it will be as good as or better than the 7700k. Specially for multi-core usage. It will walk all over the 7700k.
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  4. Not many people watch hardware unboxed channel compared to Linus & jayz etc but this guy does upto date & meaningful benchmarks.

    Ryzen 1600@4ghz vs 7700k@4.9ghz with a couple of top tier cards.

    & yes the 7700k wins pretty much every title BUT
    the ryzen CPU/mb/cooler combo Costs about $350 the Intel setup comes in at about $650

    Twice the money for an extra 10-15fps (& that's all past the 100fps mark in the first place)

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  5. They are both great chips. If your on a budget, the 1600 makes a lot of sense. If you have some room in your budget, the 7700k is the highest performing gaming chip on the market. Intel is supposed to release a 6 core 8700k in a couple of weeks that may be the best of both worlds. I would at least and wait to see what the 8700k can do before I bought either chip.
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  6. I'm running the 1600 at 3.7ghz and an RX 480 8gb. Trust me, gaming, runs everything I've hit it with so far very smooth at 1080p 60hz monitor, very high to ultra details. The i7 will be a bit better at strictly having, but if you are on a budget, the ryzen will do great. And if they support socket am4 as long as they claim, you should be able to drop in a new cpu in a couple of years and still be rocking.
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  7. I run a 1600x at stock speeds with an 8GB Radeon RX 480 + 16GB DDR4 2400 CL15. Runs great. It's 4x faster at Handbrake than my 2500K was. Everything is smooth. I agree with some comments above. The 7700K is going to be a little faster in gaming but it's not a blowout and the Ryzen's performance is always sufficient. You'll do even better with an overclock. It really is a competent, competitive processor. It always comes down to how much money you are willing to invest. The more you spend the faster it will be. I'd personally rather have a combination of something like a 1600X and a Geforce 1080 than a 7700K and an RX 580 for essentially the same cost.
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