Acer Aspire E5-575-54SM Display Upgrade

My wife's laptop display is not working and I think it needs to be replaced. Her current display is 768p and I was wondering if I could replace it with a 1080p display. If I have to replace why not upgrade it?

Here is a LCD screen for the E5-575 series that is 1080p. It looks like it will fit fine on her laptop. However, the users comments are for a different model. Does anyone know if this will work or should I just go the 768p route?
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    I found this on an Acer forum using what looks like a similar model but I would double check.

    The user was able to replace old screen with a Full HD panel. He is from France though so I would make sure your models panel type matches any new panel exactly (he might have an international model).
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  2. Thanks for pointing me towards the forum. I went ahead and made a post there and someone sent me the model numbers I need.

    Thanks again!
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