HDD started making clicking noise after upgrading CPU

Hi! So I upgraded my CPU from Intel Pentium 840 to i3-3250 and once I started my pc the HDD started making clicking noises like every 10-20 sec and was at 100% for like 10 minutes. After that it went back to 0% but still made does clicks but now with less noise and slower. It has never made clicking soundes before.

Is my HDD failing, is this the Click of death?

Update: Today I started my pc and it said: Automatic repaird failed, i have no idea why probobly the HDD casue people were sayng thats a HDD problem. But i got it fixed and right now running normally. I just dont understand why did it all start after upgrading my CPU.
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  1. TwilightRavens said:

    Already have, said that everything is ok.
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  2. Hmm it may be alright then but I would back up any important data to an external drive just to be 100% sure you don't lose anything. Just in case.
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