High FPS but games stutter.


Games that i tested are the following:
-Battlefield 1 - Stutter - 90-140fps
-The Witcher 3 - Stutter - 95-120fps
-Star Wars Battlefront - No stutter - 144fps

The stutter occurs when i look arround with mouse. When the character is moving i do not notice any stutters. To mention that if the fps is pretty high, above 130fps there is no stutter at all, but if the fps is in the 90s there is stutter(tested in Withcer 3, i set all the graphics to low so i got 144fps and there was no stutter).

My rig is:
-AMD Ryzen 5 1600 stock clocks.
-MSI B350 Tomahawk Arctic
-Gigabyte GTX 1080 Windforce OC, 8GB
-HyperX Predator Black 16GB DDR4 3000MHz CL15 Dual Channel Kit, running at 2933MHz.
-Corsair RM650x, 80 PLUS GOLD, 650W, 135mm fan
-Monitor LED AOC Gaming g2460fq 24 inch 1ms, @144Hz, 1080p

I am playing at 1080p@144Hz. I also checked the temperatures and they are fine, 55-65C CPU, depends on the game and GPU if used at max power arround 70-74C.
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  1. Is it actually stuttering (game halting and continuing) or screen (texture) tearing?
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  2. It's like objects in the view are shaking a bit. I think it's micro-stutter. Do you refer at screen (texture) tearing at the effect caused by the FPS number going above monitor refresh rate? If yes, that is not the case because i always cap the FPS to below or to monitor refresh rate if the game is pushed beyond 144 FPS.
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  3. Microstuttering with a single GPU? Strange indeed...

    Did you try using vsync with triple buffering on?
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  4. I did not altered the settings in Nvidia Control Panel, i let the application decide. I tryed vsync in game, but no effect. Could be a mouse issue? Because if i just move the character forward, all is smooth, it happens only when mouse is moved.
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  5. Do a search for stutter and you'll find that several people have recently posted the same problem on high end machines: stuttering, especially when moving the camera/mouse. Maybe a driver recent driver issue?
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  6. How does it performs when you lock the FPS at 60? At that framerate (100+) i'd expect that even high end CPUs can become a issue.
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  7. Battlefield 1 at 60fps is worse. In witcher 3 there is no difference, still micro-stutter. Can you recommend good benchmarking software for CPU/GPU? I will try another monitor soon to see if this is the fault.
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  9. Scott_123 said:

    That helps only if my PC can reach the monitor refresh-rate, and stays there. I experience drops in games as i mentioned, from 120 to 90-100 and there the stutter happens. Can be a monitor issue? or maybe the mouse is bad ? I tryed to use 60HZ resolution and the experience is very bad.
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  10. I did the following:

    Clean install of Windows 10 Anniversary version.
    Tryed different drivers for GPU
    Tryed to cap the FPS with Riva Tuner at different values, 60, 72, 85, 105
    Tryed to create custom resolutions to match the capped FPS, 85Hz and 105Hz.
    Tryed Vsync, Fast sync, adaptive sync, tripple buffer.

    Nothing helps. I can't belive how this can happen despite high FPS. I tryed to play Witcher 3 on high settings and no stutters, but i did not spent my money on a GTX 1080 to play at lower settings than ultra settings.

    To mention that the CPU usage is never 100% so we are not talking about a bottleneck, the usage stays in the 50-80s. Also in Battlefield 1 i checked the CPU and GPU graphs and the CPU graph is a flat line with no spikes at all but the GPU graph is never flat, always spikes. How can i test the GPU to see if its broken or something ? Is there a software that can give me feedback on the GPU functionality ?
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