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Hi, im looking to upgrade my gpu, I currently have gtx 970's in sli. I was going to go for a 1070 gtx I know the overall performance increase isn't huge but it's more equipped for higher resolution gaming. I recently brough a new monitor which has free sync which had made me start looking into the Radeon vega 56. I problem I have is whereever I look there seems to be two prices for the same card, one around £100 less. It says these are just the stand alone gpu, what difference is there from the £100 more ones.
Here are the links:
Msi £384

msi £490

They're the same card right? I don't understand.

Many thanks
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    The one for 490 includes game codes for two games, Wolfenstein and Prey. The card is the same.
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  2. Pretty simple. Right on the web page for the cheaper card it says "Please note: Standalone cards DO NOT include the games promotion. This is the retail boxed graphics card only." While on the more expensive page it says "FREE Wolfenstein & PREY with RX Vega. Obviously, the games aren't free. So it's exactly the same GPU with and without games included.
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  3. And to be clear and fair to the retailers, this is a mandated thing from AMD, the intention is that the miners don't buy the ones with games, leaving these in the supply chain for gamers to buy, hence stopping the shortages that we've been seeing.
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