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Hello, Members

I have a really weird issue with my computer that only occured after my old psu broke and I got a new one but I do not believe it is the new PSU causing this issue.

I'll try lay out the issue's the best I can with the troubleshooting I have done.

1 weird issue is when I installed everything correctly with the new PSU (Corsair 750w) using the cables that came with it my PC would not display at all, the GPU's fans would twitch and then nothing but the led on the GPU would be lit up perfectly and illuminate 980ti ASUS STRIX, so I went and swapped the power port on the PSU and nothing, so I tried something different and disconnected the CPU power cable and the GPU's fans worked fine powered up perfectly. I was confused by this because you can't run a PC without the CPU power cable plugged in so I plugged it back in and what do you know it worked for some reason so I haven't touched it since, computer boots up fine after days of use, still cannot figure out why it would do that???

2 issue one if my RAM sticks have vanished I have 16GB installed but my computer registers 12?? cant figure that one out in CPU-Z I see 16 but my task manager only sees 12? Also when I moved my ram to another slot on my PC (2011-3 motherboard have 8 slots) bang, pc will not boot and GPU fans wont spin like my last problem, move it back do the same method let it run without the CPU plugged in, turn off, then plug in and its good it go (dont know if I am breaking something doing that) but I'm back with 12 GB?

My conclusion for this is that my motherboard is broken, extremely faulty I would not think it is the CPU (i7 - 5820k) because it works fine with all cores functional and good temps.

I know weird issue but I want some elses point of view on this would it be best to get a new motherboard?

Thank you for reading this.
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  1. For the #1 problem, do you have other GPU to test the PC? also what is your Corsair 750w? I mean which model. I think the problem may relate to gtx980ti or the Corsair 750W PSU.

    For the #2, try clear the CMOS first, then boot the PC to see then 16GB does show up or not. Also do you test the RAM one by one with MemTest86, make sure they work.
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  2. Thank you for Replying.

    For the first problem I did test another GPU some average 2GB raedon Grapics card and still get the same issue so I honestly dont think its the 980ti.
    For the model of the PSU its a HX 750Wi

    The runs when you do the method once but when you change a part or swap ram sticks you have to do the method again which is quite confusing.

    For the second issue I have done a Memtest and it says my memory is fine and no errors where found.

    Thanks again.
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    I have a really weird issue with my computer that only occured after my old psu broke
    the MB may have problem, because you try other GPU, and you got the new PSU. Sometime when that happened, it will kill other pc components too.

    For the RAM, clear the CMOS by the jumper or removing CMOS battery. After that check out again. Or try msconfig method.
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  4. Yeah I thought so, I think I will buy a new Mortherboard to be honest I just wanted a bit of info to see if it wasn't something to do with my CPU or anything so I didn't waste money buying a new MB.
    I'll deal with it now and later down the track I will invest in a new one.

    Thank you for all the help and information Cin19, I am good to close this thread.

    Thanks again, TinnieEngland
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