Possible dead GPU?


I5 4670K
HD 7870 2gb oc
8gb corsair veangence ddr3
500gb hdd,
Asus h81m+ Motherboard
Xfx 550 PSU

I've had a couple of crashes over the past few weeks while playing games. The screen would suddenly turn green with white vertical lines with a halt in audio maybe half a second later. The first couple of times it happened it wouldn't boot after, the fans on all components were spinning and the motherboard beeped but nothing on the monitor. I had to power off at the mains and wait a few minutes for it to fix. Which it did. I checked temperatures and CPU had highs under load of 70ish. I don't recall GPU but idle it was around 40c.

However today the same happened but I'm still stuck with no output. When I power on the PC all fans are spinning and the motherboard beeped but no signal. Powering on the unit does change my monitor from saying theirs no signal to a blank screen with a flashing led on the monitor. I tried resetting the CMOS to no avail.

Would really appreciate your thoughts as I don't have the means to purchase a GPU if that isn't the problem and have no spare parts :(.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What is exact make and model of your power supply?
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  2. remove gpu use onboard and try boot .
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  3. Looks like dying GPU to me. Remove GPU and connect monitor to motherboard. If it works fine that way, then all that's left is to try your GPU at another machine to confirm it being dead.
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  4. I believe the PSU to be this one 550w-xfx-core-edition-p1-550s-xxb9-80-plus-bronze-1x135mm
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  5. Thanks guys. Really appreciate this. I'll try removing now.
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  6. I've just plugged it into the onboard after removing the GPU and it worked. I guess I need to look for a new one. I'm limited by my case size as my 7870hd was a bit of a squeeze. Any mid range recommendations that would be compatible with my current build? Thanks.

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  7. case name and model with budget also do you do gaming .
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  8. Case i believe to be this one:

    Not the best I know. I bought the entire rig second hand.

    I do play games, just worried about bottlenecking my CPU and RAM with something a little OTT.

    Also use a 27 inch monitor.

    Have been comtemplating the 1060 3GB? Anything around this price range I think should be adequate?

    Thanks again guys for helping me through this stressful time. Had to happen on my day off too!
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    max cooler lenght is 375 mm so see if your gpu choice fit in in size and the psu could handle it .
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