Dukase v2 plugs go where on/in motherboard?


First time builder and poster here, thanks for assistance:

DEEPCOOL Dukase Liquid ATX Mid Case, 240 Water Cooling System LED Lighting System Visible Fluid Flow Case

Motherboard: ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K6 LGA 1151 Intel ATX Motherboard

I have several plugs from this case that I can seem to find homes for on/in the motherboard.
Not sure if there's a way to post pictures on here so I'll write out what I can.

There is 2 single prong plugs: "POWER LED+" and "POWER LED-"
-Should I be looking for a single prong male on the motherboard or could I try plugging each of these into a place that has 4 male prongs together?

There's also "H.D.D LED +-" and "RESET SW" ...both are 2 prong female, can I put these side by side on a 4-prong male area on the motherboard?

Lastly, from the cooler directly there is a 3 prong female and for the life of me I cannot even see a spot for that to plug into.

Thought I would give building a shot, seem to be way in over my head. The main hardware-CPU, GPU, PSU, SSD, etc. I have been able to to seat/connect without issues (thank Youtube), but I can't find anything online or any videos concerning all the little plugs. If answering these questions isn't really possible then could someone direct me to some sort of online manual/guide?

Thank you for your time, please advise.

Edit* Added link with some pics.

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