Graphics card for a small form factor computer (doesn't fit normal low profile cards)

I have an HP Elitedesk 800 G1 Small Form Factor. Recently, I was thinking about buying a GTX 1050 TI to put in it, but I realized it was too tall. However, the problem was, even with low-profile cards, the bracket is too tall for my computer (my bracket is only about 3 inches tall or so). What solution is there to knock off the top part of the bracket, and if not, what decent gaming cards are there to put in it that will fit? Thanks!
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  1. You could try maybe
    but I don't know if it'll fit. The specs don't mention max gpu size. You might have to open it up, get the above card's dimension from the page and then with a tape measure see if it will fit into your case.
    Cooling will be poor though. I wouldn't try anything decent for gaming in a case that's meant for office/media use.
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  2. That gpu will not fit. It needs to be low profile. The pics of low profile cards will typically show the full height bracket. The bracket can be taken off on these cards and swapped to an lp bracket included. There are only those 2 sizes and yours need lp so you know it'll fit in height.

    You've got a 320w psu according to hp so a 1050ti would work. Looking in the case, you can fit dual slot and length won't be an issue. So go with something like this.

    Make sure you have the tools to remove the bracket. Just a phillips screwdriver and something for the dvi hex screws.
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