ASRock H97M-ITX with 1x16gb ram?

Hello everyone,
I have an ASRock H97M-ITX motherboard with a i7 cpu (watercooled) and had 2x8GB ddr3 ram on it. Unfortunately, one of the memory slots broke down, so I'm running on only 8gb ddr3 ram now.
I was wondering if it would work with one memory slot having 1x16gb of ddr3 ram?

Kind regards,
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    I think not.
    The maximum ram is 16gb.
    Looking at the Kingston ram selection guide for your motherboard, it shows no 16gb single sticks.
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  2. Hello geofelt, thank you for such a quick answer.
    Then I have to stick with the 8gb, or... replace the mobo but since the system is working fine as is with 8gb, that would be a waste of work time so to speak.

    I use my system mainly for 3D modeling (Cinema 4D), so C4D will have to be happy with its 8gb :-)

    Thank you again, geofelt. I appreciate the fast reply very much.

    Kind regards,
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