PC not booting after 1070 install.


I recently bought an "ASUS GTX Dual 1070" GPU since I got it at a fair price.

The card is brand new from the store.

However, when I tried to install the card, the Motherboard gives 5 short beeps and everything is black.

I cannot see BIOS or anything, no matter where I plug my screen.

I then tried to remove the GPU, and everything worked as normal when my screen was connected to the motherboard DVI port.

My specs:

Mobo: AsRock Z87 Extreme 3
RAM: 32GB DDR3 Ripjaws
HDD & SSD & Optical DVD Drive
PSU: ThermalTake SE 630W
GPU: Had GTX670 rocking, currently trying to somehow get the 1070 working.

Any help appreciated!

So far I have tried;

-DDU in safemode; remove and shutdown

-removed Motherboard battery and unplugged PC for 5+ minutes

-Updated Z87 Motherboard BIOS to latest version: P2.70
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  1. Update your bios.
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  2. TechyInAZ said:
    Update your bios.

    I am pretty sure that I already updated it. I forgot to add that to the list.
    Just to be sure, how can I check that it is updated?
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  3. Check the bios number in the BIOS, then on another computer (or write it down and boot into windows) head into the asrock website, go to your motherboard model and check for the latest bios...the rest is self explanatory.
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  4. Sounds like 5 beeps is a VGA error :

    Is it possible your card or the external power connectors aren't seated properly?
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  5. TechyInAZ;

    I did use internet Flash earlier on, my BIOS says Z87 Extreme3 P2.70

    Does that mean that I have the newest BIOS?


    I looked at the link you posted. It seems like a really legit reason.
    I just dont understan why it wont recognize the VGA, I tried 2 different PCIE power cables (both 6+2 pin).
    I also tried anither PCIE slot, but no luck.
    At least acording to me, the card seems to be seated correctly, as do the power cable.
    (I recently used the same cable for my GTX 670, without problems.)

    Thakns to both of you!
    I guess I will try to install the card again..

    Should I have my screen connected to the GPU while powering on the system?
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  6. Guys!

    I recently got so far that the PC is now booting up with the 1070 attatched, but I am having my screen connected to my motherboard.
    The "Device Manager" can see that a 1070 is connected, but is reporting a problem like this;
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  7. Were you able to boot with the vid cable attached to the 1070? Sounds to me like a dud card if your 670 worked in the same rig.Is there a way you can test the 1070 in another computer? Maybe you can exchange it at the store.
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  8. I can now start the card with 1070 attatched, but I do have to put my DVI cable in the motherboard slot.
    That means I cannot see BIOS at all :/
    I am currently trying to remove drivers with DDU and then reinstalling.
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  9. Get a high speed HDMI cable.
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  10. Hmm.. I have already tried:

    (I have used all these cables before, so I know that they work.)

    Besides, why does my motherboard give 5 short beeps everytime I start my PC with 1070 connected?

    I will keep in mind tho that a better cable might be required, even tho my resolution is 1920×1200.
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  11. Best answer
    I would take it back for a replacement card.
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  12. I am currently in contact with Nvidia customer support, the next step would be to try the card in another system.
    The problem is that I only have 1 desktop PC, so I would need to try it in one of my relatives PC.
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  13. Solved the issue by returning the card to the store, and recieved a new one today.
    Attatched the new card, followed by an "insta-boot".
    Everything is working now guys, and my gameplay is smooth. Thank you all!
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  14. Good!
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