My CPU is showing more GHz than it's maximum in performance tab task manager

Is this normal?

I mean my games been freezing and stuttering for about 2 seconds more frequently lately. I have had windows 10 pro then downgraded to windows 8.1 (big mistake btw) just to check if the stutters were caused by windows then I started monitoring temps on my GPUs/CPUs though I thought my RAM needed an upgrade as I have a pair of 4GB DDR3 ram, thought what I was having was memory leaks. Anyways not my point. Is whatever in this screenshot legit?

Mobo: asus maximus vii ranger
gpu: gtx 970 g1 gaming edition
cpu: core i7 4790 @ 3.6 GHz
RAM: 8 gbs (2x4) corsair vengeance DDR3
PSU: 600 watt (I believe)

Got a custom hyperX fan on my CPU just incase.

I have never overclocked my CPU nor my GPU nor clicked on the (start) button that is built in my Mobo. Never screwed around with these stuff. So I'm here asking about it.
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  1. The extra speed is just the built in turbo boost.
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  2. Why is there extra speed at 15% usage though?
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  3. Philopateer said:
    Why is there extra speed at 15% usage though?

    Turbo boost is usually for just one core - so if some app is stressing one of your CPU cores, it'll automatically boost higher, and Task Manager will display that speed.
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  4. What about the freezes I suffer ingame? Like I get stable 61 fps with vsync on and over 100 fps with it turned off in almost all games even PUBG and I get what seems to be freezes for 3-5 even lasts to 10-15 seconds then resumes to normal. What may be the issue here?
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  5. What happens to the CPU and GPU usages when these freezes happen? If the overlay freezes as well, check the graph in MSI Afterburner to see what happens to the usages.
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  6. I use CAM and the CPU temp/usage jumps to 0% then back up after the freeze is over.
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  7. Philopateer said:
    I use CAM and the CPU temp/usage jumps to 0% then back up after the freeze is over.

    And GPU?
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  8. I don't think anything happens with my GPU, will double check once the freeze happen again! one thing I'm sure of tho, I can move my mouse during what appears to be a freeze. It's just everything lags so bad when it happens.
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