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Hey there,
One or two months ago I changed my Dell Inspiron 530's (not 530s) cpu from a Intel Pentium e5200 that ran at 65 watts to a core 2 quad q8200 that ran at 95 watts. After I changed that I got random electric noises that will happen now and then. This especially happened when I am opening programs - any program. I also upgraded from Windows Vista Home Premium (the default OS) to Windows 7 64 bit. The processor is 64 bit capable.

The power supply is also a 350 watt psu
Is it that the power supply is struggling to get power to the cpu because of the 95 watt TDP?

Here is what it sounds like: (you may have to turn up you volume above 50)

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  1. That sounds like coil whine perhaps due to potentially overloaded VRM (voltage regulators) on the motherboard that supply the CPU.

    You can try rolling up paper to make a CONE to try to isolate the noise (carefully) with the side of the case off.

    But... just opening programs shouldn't be very taxing, and the CPU in light usage will use less power than your old CPU in heavier usage.

    So.. ?

    Two things for now:
    1) confirm it's not a SPEAKER issue (physically unplug the speakers from both the PC and from power), and

    2) run MEMTEST86 to see if any of those noises happen during an hour or so of testing
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