My PC just hanged up and now doesn't boot up!!

It was just working fine the last day. But today when I started my PC it was going all well until I opened Microsoft Edge and opened a website suddenly everything just stuck on it's place. I was not able to move mouse cursor as it was stuck too, then I pressed num lock to check but the light on keyboard didn't go off coz it was on before that. I just turned off the PC by long pressing the power button from the cabinet. But after shut down I tried to start it back on, none of my Keyboard, mouse or monitor turned on, the light on monitor was red that means the monitor is not working and no light going on in either of the keyboard or mouse too except my turtle Beach (headphone's) light was on (on it's volume and bass control box). I then opened up the cabinet and noticed the light of motherboard was on, as well as the CPU fan was working fine (it was rotating), but no display nothing.

I don't get what the problem is :(
I think either of my motherboard or CPU is having some problem but I'm not very sure.

Please give me your suggestions about what can be the problem behind this kind of behavior.

any help will be greatly appreciated :D

Edit : my system specifications -

AMD 64 x2 6400+ 2.2 GHz processor

4 gb ddr2 RAM

GT 610 GPU
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  1. You would need to post your full system specs for folks on here to try and help. Any recent hardware changes or software changes to your system before this occurred? A total lock while using your system can have several causes. High temps can cause it, driver crash, ect.
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  2. Have you tried running your computer on your onboard graphics (without video card)? Not sure why your keyboard wouldn't be working if it's de graphics card that's faulty, but it's worth a shot.

    Also: do you hear a beep at startup or not? (and do you usually hear a beep when starting up)

    You can also disconnect everything, removing all but 1 stick of ram, and run the computer with as few parts as possible. If that works put the parts back one by one and see which one causes the problems. If not, switch the ramslot/stick.
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  3. If there's no light on the keyboard/mouse the motherboard might be dead.
    Is your power supply fan spinning? Are there any beeps when you turn on the pc?
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  4. hardys77 said:
    If there's no light on the keyboard/mouse the motherboard might be dead.
    Is your power supply fan spinning? Are there any beeps when you turn on the pc?

    My PSU doesn't have any fan, though no beeps heard while I heard through my headphone.
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    Not through headphones, try to start your PC without RAM and tell us if you hear any beeps from the motherboard. Then do this with all components, hard drive and gpu. If there are no beeps your MB is probably dead. Also check your internet cable if it has light when plugged in.
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  6. hardys77 do you mean I should stay my PC without any RAM and tell you what happens?
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  7. Reply to 1 liquidPC I've updated the details of my configuration.
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  8. @Wotha I've tried to boot up with onboard graphics that didn't help also disconnected unnecessary things but still NO and no beeps even if I disconnected both of the RAM sticks.
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  9. hardys77 I've tried with alternate RAM sticks then made it run without any of them (both) but no beeps but the light in motherboard is on and so is the CPU fan still working
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  10. hardys77 but also the lan wire's Port is glowing like the light is working :p I don't know what is going on, please help.
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  11. What model PSU and motherboard do you have? You may want to try a CMOS clear as well by removing the battery on the motherboard for a few minutes. You would need to disconnect power to the PC all together, and pop out the battery for a few minutes. Afterwards, reinstall the battery and try powering on again.
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  12. Try another stick of ddr2 take the current one out also try running without the graphics card in first, do you have the motherboard speaker in? if so how many beeps does it have if it even beeps
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  13. @100father I have two of the sticks, so I've already tried with each of them I don't hear any beeps and also I don't know if my motherboard has any speaker or not.. but I've tried to plug the VGA in the onboard display but that also doesn't work.
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  14. @1liquidPC I don't remember the motherboard model, I know it is a AM2 socket ASUS board. I don't know how to remove the battery and try the other solution..
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  15. I'm done the PC is fixed, I took it over to a computer shop and found out that the processor was damaged, so I got it replaced and now my computer is working fine. Thank You all of you guys for helping me out.
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