what motherboard headers required for custom build

I am making my own custom desk which i plan on incorporating two custom loops.

I have nearly completed the desk just currently doing artwork for vinyl and planning on the location of the 5 1/4 bays but just needing to make sure i have all that i need ready. So far i have only picked up the on/off and reset switch but im scratching my head if i need anything else.

I plan on ordering USB headers closer to the time when i order in the main hardware so i can pick that up at the same time. Just looking to cover all the bases

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    Apart from USB 3.0/USB2.0 and audio input and output(read Mic In and audio out) you don't need much with today's front panel connectivity. You could look for a USB Type-C connector/front panel but I think they aren't yet available by the masses in the market.
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