What to buy for a WD Hdd 7200rpm, Sata 3, - 3,5"

So I just got myself an HDD from WD with a capacity of 1TB, 7200 rpm and a Sata 3 and Sata 2 port. I would like to just install it and the software part isnt the problem but I dont know what to buy. On amazone all I can find are Sata 3 cables and ssd-installing-kits but I need a HHD installing kit since all I was given by WD are 4 bolts and the drive itself.

Which cables do I need and what else is required (including whats required to open the pc case etc.) ?
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    Your PC case should be opened simply by a locking mechanism or thumb screws / screws.

    To install it, you're PC (depending on how old the case is), will have a cage at the front of the tower, where it is made to hold 2.5/3.5 drives. You slot the HDD into the cage and screw in through the side of the cage using the screws provided.

    You then connect a SATA (SATA 3 IF your motherboard also supports SATA 3) cable from the rear of the HDD into a Motherboard SATA port and connect a power connector from the PSU into the back of the HDD. SSD and HDD cables are the same, however SSDs are smaller, so in an SSD kit you'll get a smaller caddy to fit into the cage.

    First simply open your cage and identify where the HDD can be secured.
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  2. The SATA power cable should be already on your PSU unless it's really old. Then you need an SATA data able that goes from the motherboard to the drive. SATA 2 and 3 will use the same data cable.The drive should be able to mount in just about any desktop case with the screws.

    Power off. Find a drive bay in your case that fits the drive and slide it in where the threaded holes in the drive align with the slots in the drive bay, install the screws, and tighten. Attach the data cable to the data port on the drive and motherboard. Attach the power cable from the PSU to the drive power connector.

    Power back up. You will probably need to format the drive.
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